Client Testimonials

Past performance does not guarantee future results

"Thanks for making my experience so great!"

- Lori, California

"Thank you for all your good work in helping me through this deal. I really appreciate your expert guidance."

- JD, California

"Having been a broker for many years myself, I truly appreciated the effort that you put into to making this deal happen. Never did I find you anything less than very hard working. You have jumped through hoops to get me information as quickly as possible. You have taken telephone calls on vacation, at home, whatever it took to keep the client happy. OMNI Brokerage should consider themselves blessed to have you on board."

BM, Florida

"Thank you for the call and the information about Cornerstone, the products and availability for exchanges and the contacts and services you provide. It is refreshing to meet someone who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the exchange process, including the limitations under which one has to operate. I enjoyed sharing information and have added you to my database of sources to help my clients, or to provide referrals."

Doug, Illinois

"I gave your name and number to a prospective client. We have the same accountant and he’s just closed escrow. I told him you would be a great person to work with and highly recommended you."

Doug, North Carolina (owns 5 TIC’s)

"It was my pleasure using Cornerstone for my 1031 exchange process - you were an absolute delight to work with! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year!"

Ginger, CA